Appliance & Electronics Packaging

Appliance Packaging - Shipping AppliancesWhen it comes to the safe transport of large appliances and sensitive electronics, Laminations offers a variety of options for effective packaging protection.

With bulkier items like dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, stoves and washers, pairing VBoard® products with stretch film or other protective packaging components minimizes excess packaging material without compromising protection, and provides solutions for use with automated assembly.

Shipping and storing electronics presents unique challenges as vibration sensitivity, small parts and delicate assembly increase the risk of damage if not properly packaged. Our VBoard products are ideal strength and protection solutions for use with shock-absorbing foams and other materials that provide secure transport of electronics.

A sampling of popular Laminations protective packaging products used to protect appliances and electronics include:

QuikStik® is a self-adhering form of VBoard that temporarily sticks where placed to allow for easier manual or automated pallet stretch wrapping, banding and loading.

VBoard® can be used with or without other edge and corner packaging products for large appliance load containment, stacking strength and shipment stabilization. VBoard, when used with foam and other protective packaging products, is an ideal strength and protection solution for electronics transport.

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